Well, did I mention Bortron 7?
That’s where I’m from, it’s a slice of heaven
Everyone there is sweet as cake
And we don’t mind if we make mistakes
Jet singing about Bortron 7

Bortron 7 is the the seventh planet orbiting the red dwarf star Bortron. The Propulsion family comes from Bortron 7. The Proplulsion family visits Bortron 7 in Back to Bortron 7.

Bortron 7 is warm and dry. It is orange with purple patches. From far away, the orange looks like red, but its surface is actually orange.


Long ago, the Bortronians built so many cities that they ran out of space. They also piled up trash. But they solved those problems by building cities underground and recycling, respectively.[1]

Places of Interest

  • Capital City:
Celery: We've been here such a long time, we learned how to preserve the natural environment, and sometimes, even improve it.
Carrot: In fact, we're flying over Bortron 7's capital city, and yet you'd hardly know it's there!
Celery and Carrot about Bortron 7
Screenshot 20180323-211016


  • Including Bortron 7, there are 9 planets orbiting Bortron.
  • Bortron 7 has three moons.
  • 6 Bortronian months is equal to 1 Earth hour.
  • As revealed in I Feel the Earth Move, Bortron 7 has a hiccuping volcano.
  • Bortron has its very own server in the PBS Kids game, Kart Kingdom. It replaced the Sodor server.


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