The Bortron Solar System Song is a song in Back to Bortron 7. It is sung by the Propulsion family as the mothership approaches Bortron 7.


Nine planets orbit Bortron
And they’re all tons of fun
Some are tiny, some are roomy
But gloomy? Ha! Not a one
Cause they orbit such a groovy red dwarf sun!

Celery, Carrot, and Jet:
Bortron 1 is smooth as an egg
Bortron 2 is lumpy as a muscle builder’s leg
There’s Bortron 3, the place where down is up
There’s not a drop to drink there, cause it won’t stay in the cup
Bortron 4 is swampy, it’s full of muck and goo
Bortron 5 is not alive, there’s nothing there to do
Bortron 6 is in a fix, it’s hard to grin and bear it
It’s moon has got the hiccups
And there’s no way to repair it

Nine planets orbit Bortron
They’re all tons of fun

Celery, Carrot, and Jet: But, oh, that Bortron 7!
What a slice of heaven!
In the Bortron system, that’s the only one!


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