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Carrot Propulsion is Jet's father and a main character in the series, Ready Jet Go!


Mr. and Mrs. Propulsion (who go by “typical Earth names” Carrot and Celery) work as intergalactic travel writers and are on Earth for a long stay, from which they intend to file many travel stories.

Like Jet and all Bortronians, they’re cheerful and fearless.

As Bortronian travel writers, they follow the Prime Directive: “don’t freak out the locals.” They also tell Jet to “leave your campsite cleaner than when you found it.”

However well-intentioned, though, they tend to forget to keep their alien identity a secret and keep telling people that they are from Bortron 7.

Carrot and Celery tend to talk in a rather eccentric English since they just downloaded it when they arrived on Earth. They mix up their metaphors and are always freshly learning Earth habits like shopping for food, taking care of the house, and “mowing the roof.”

Eschewing traditional gender roles, Carrot is a stay-at-home dad who loves cooking, although he does come on space missions once in a while. Carrot is a lot like Sean because both are easily nervous, although they both overcome these fears throughout the series. Although Carrot is very eccentric and bumbling, he has many hidden talents and was able to survive on the moon by himself in Castaway CarrotCarrot isn't as smart as his wife, but he makes up for it with his kindness, odd Bortronian foods, and doses of wisdom for the children.

Songs Sung

International Voices

  • Brazil: Sergio Moreno
  • Finland: Markus Niemi
  • Hungary: Magyar Bálint
  • Latin America: Angel Balam
  • South Korea: Jeon Tae-yeol


  • Castaway Carrot reveals that he is talented at ballet, meditating, and speaking with a British accent. In Bortron Leprechaun, it is revealed that he can speak in an Irish accent.
  • That's One Gigantic Pumpkin, Jet Propulsion! reveals that he sings to plants to make them grow.
  • He turned 250 years old in Moon Circus.
  • His name from his home planet includes the sound of an elephant trumpeting and a parrot squawking.
  • His Brazilian Portuguese voice actress and Celery’s Brazilian Portuguese voice actress are in love, according to an Instagram post.
  • The vegetable name “Carrot” was likely chosen for himself due to its similarity to the Earth name “Garrett.”


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