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Castaway Carrot is the first half of the thirty-seventh episode of Ready Jet Go!.


After an afternoon on the Moon, Celery, Jet, and Sunspot discover, as they fly to Earth, that they have mistakenly left Carrot on the Moon! Then the saucer malfunctions and they receive news of a possible solar storm headed their way. In a nail-biter, Jet and Sunspot do a mid-outer space repair job - as per Celery's instructions -with Carrot comically adapting to the Moon environment. In the end, the saucer is fixed, Carrot is rescued, and the solar storm heads in the opposite direction of the Moon.


The episode starts on the moon, where the Propulsions all board the saucer, Celery suggests to “reset the communicator so the talkback will work” Face 9000 agrees to the idea. Jet calls in Sunspot who runs and slams into the saucer, they fly off. Jet suggests playing “Bortropoly” Celery likes the idea but says to Jet that they're invited for a potluck, she then explains what a potluck is. Jet wonders what there going to bring. They attempt to ask Carrot what to make, however, Carrot isn’t there. Jet and Sunspot search the saucer, but to no avail. Jet remembers that Carrot was going to take a nap, and worries that Carrot may have taken a nap on the moon. Celery flies the saucer back to the moon. On the way there, Celery offhandedly mentions an incident in which she left Carrot on Mars.

Carrot is shown relaxing on the moon, but wakes up to find that Celery and the others are gone.



Learning Goals



  • Carrot screaming "DOES ANYONE REMEMBER LAUGHTER?!?" is a reference to the live performance of the song "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin.
  • This is the second episode to not feature any Earthies, the first being Sunday Drive.
  • This is the second episode to take place entirely in outer space, the first being Whole Lotta Shakin'.
  • It is revealed that Celery has a tendency to leave Carrot on certain places, such as Mars.
  • This episode reveals several talents of Carrot's, including ballet and speaking with an accent.
  • Jet mentions wanting to play a board game called "Bortropoly", which is a parody of Monopoly.


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