Cody is a recurring character in Ready Jet Go!. He is Mitchell Peterson's pet dog/sidekick.


Cody is often forced against his will to help Mitchell with his detective cases, but he is mostly loyal to him, and is almost always seen walking alongside Mitchell. Cody likes to sleep, and often notices things that Mitchell doesn't. Sometimes Mitchell insults Cody, such as telling him he needs to work on his detective skills in Jet's First Halloween, and asking Cody why can't he do the things that Sunspot does in Kid-Kart Derby. Although, Mitchell still cares about him enough to search for him in Sunspot's Night Out and was worried about his disappearance in You Can Call Me Albedo.


Cody is a dog. He is short and plump. He has black and white fur, and big pointy ears that stand. He has a small tuft of fur on his head. He has bead-like blue eyes. His collar is red with a bone on it.



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