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Ready Jet Go! Wikia

The success of the Ready Jet Go! series has inspired a collection of online games and mobile applications.

Online Games

Sean's Rescue Quest


In Sean's Rescue Quest, the player has to rescue Boop the Rover on either the Moon, Mars, or Venus. Sean rides a buggy and the player guides him with the cursor. Sean can get a power boost by collecting tiny suns. Along the way, Sean explains several astronomy facts. At the end of each course, a solar panel for Boop is collected.

Sydney's Astro Tracker

Sydney's Astro Tracker.PNG

In Sydney's Astro Tracker, the player has to track, identify, and paint asteroids for points. You can play as Sydney, Mindy, Sunspot, Jet, or Sean. The player competes against another character. It is a defictionalized version of the video game Astro Tracker, featured in the episode Asteroids, Meteors, and Meteorites.

Mindy's Constellation Exploration


In Mindy's Constellation Exploration, the player can choose from eight different constellations. When the player chooses a constellation, they have to click on the stars to make the picture appear. When the picture is made, Mindy explains the story behind the constellation.

Jet's Planet Pinball


In Jet's Planet Pinball, the player has to get the planets of the solar system into the correct order. It is presented as a pinball game. Unlike the other games, the game is not in widescreen. Along the way, Jet explains facts about each of the planets.

Jet's Rocket Ship Creator


In Jet's Rocket Ship Creator, the player can build their own space rocket with the Ready Jet Go! team and fly to places in space like Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Sun and more.

Mission Earth


In Mission Earth, the player can play as Jet or Mindy. The goal is to take pictures of various Earth plants and places and send them to Celery and Carrot for their Earth report on Bortron 7. 8-bit remixes of My Name is Mindy and the Ready, Jet, Go! Theme Song play throughout. This game was made as a tie-in with Back to Bortron 7.