Grow, Plant, Grow! is a song sung by Carrot and Jet in That's One Gigantic Pumpkin, Jet Propulsion!.


Well, there are plants that grow on vines
And most grow out of the ground
And most of the growing plants I know
They barely make a sound

Jet and Carrot:
Well, I know something all plants love
And I'm very seldom wrong
What plant do you know that likes to grow
That doesn't love a growing song?
Oh, grow, plant, grow
Hey, you're sure good lookin'
Oh, grow, plant, grow
Now you know you're really cookin'
Grow, you little plant


  • Jet sings this several times throughout Part 1 of the episode.
  • Sunspot Propulsion plays the drums in this song.
  • An instrumental of this song was uploaded on Jim Lang's channel in 2017.
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