Moon Face is the first half of the sixty-fourth episode of Ready Jet Go! (Series).


The kids observe the full Moon at night and wonder why it seems to have a "face." They research why the light and dark splotches seem to make a face, and ultimately decide to fly to the Moon's surface so they can see for themselves what the light and dark splotches are made of.


To start the episode off, we have some reused animation from From Pluto with Love, where Mindy imagines that she's visiting the Man in the Moon. Luckily, Sean interrupts the story to tell her that there's no actual Man in the Moon. Mindy points out there is a face on the moon, and Jet notices it too. Jet speculates if all this time, the gang has been walking on a face whenever they've visited the moon. Sydney explains that there's not really a face there, but Mindy still thinks there is. Sydney thinks that the face is piles of moon rock, and Sean thinks that it could be astronaut footprints. Meanwhile, Mitchell overhears the gang and opens up Case #346G - some people think there's a face on the moon, but he just can't see it. He concludes that there is no face on the moon.  To contrast Mitchell's argument, Sydney claims that lots of people have seen a face on the moon. An old Chinese legend says it's a moon rabbit. Others saw a moon raven. Sean insists that there's no face, and Mindy insists that there is one. She shows off some drawings she made of the moon's expressions. The gang says it's great that Mindy has an imagination, but they still don't know what makes those dark shapes. Sunspot thinks it's shadows. With that said, the gang decides to do research. We then get a little research montage with quirky music, plus a cameo from Ellen Ochoa. But in the end, they find no evidence that shadows make a moon face.




  • This episode, along with Lone Star 2 - Rocket Kids, are the last episodes of season 2 in production order, but they were aired as the seventeenth episode.
  • Face 9000 is revealed to have a great-grandmother named Face 900.
  • Mindy previously believed in the Man in the Moon in More Than One Moon.
  • An instrumental of How Come the Moon Has Craters? (Song) can be heard in this episode.
  • Ellen Ochoa makes a cameo during the research montage.
  • This is the last episode where Grady Ainscough voices Sean.
  • This is the last episode where David Raynolds voices Mitchell.
  • This is the final appearance of Dr. Skelley and Ellen Ochoa.


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