Mr. Peterson is Mitchell's father. He is a scientist at the Deep Space Array as revealed in Holidays in Boxwood Terrace, and is a recurring character in Ready Jet Go!.


Mr. Peterson, like his son Mitchell, can be a bit full of himself. He acts like he's superior to Carrot at times, especially in episodes like The Grandest Canyon and Earth Camping.

Although Mr. Peterson has quite the authority in Boxwood Terrace, being a scientist, a judge for many contests, and the self-appointed safety officer, he is surprisingly easy to manipulate. Mitchell often manipulates Mr. Peterson into spoiling him, like in The Grandest Canyon and Mindy's Weather Report. However, in Back to Bortron 7, Mr. Peterson stands up for himself and scolds Mitchell for supposedly lying to him (Mitchell was telling the truth about the Propulsions, but the house hologram disappeared as soon as Mr. Peterson went outside).

Despite their rocky relationship, Mr. Peterson and his son share a powerful bond, and they love each other despite all their flaws.

Mr. Peterson is surprisingly easy to anger. A pet peeve of his is having to go shopping, and he gets frustrated whenever the TV satellite stops working, as he is very passionate about watching soccer games. He also threatened to banish Sean to Mars for kicking his soccer ball into his yard in Ice Moon Enceladus.



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