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My Name is Mindy is a song sung by Mindy Melendez in the episode Mindy's Moon Bounce House.


Original Version

My name is Mindy
It rhymes with Sydney
I'm Mindy Melendez
Hey, let's be friend-ez
My friends Sean and Sydney
They came down the chimney
My friend Jet Propulsion
Jumped in the ocean
Jet is a robot
His pet's name is Sunspot
He looks just like a bunny
But he's way more funny
Hey, let's be friend-ez
I'm Mindy Melendez!

Snow Cone Version


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The song was later sung by Mindy (while hula-hooping), with different lyrics, in Ice Moon Enceladus to distract the citizens of Boxwood Terrace from seeing the Propulsion van turn into a saucer.

My name is Mindy
It rhymes with Cindy
I'm Mindy Melendez
Hey, let's be friend-ez
I'm here selling snow cones
So put down your cell phones
And dig in your pocket
Cause Sean needs a rocket
Hey, let's be friend-ez
I'm Mindy Melendez!


  • In the first version, Mindy says that her name rhymes with Sydney, even though their names don't rhyme. However, this may be because she is still learning her literacy, as she stated in Detective Mindy. In the second version, she correctly says that "Mindy" rhymes with "Cindy".
  • The song was later reworked into the song, I'm Finally Five!, which was featured in Mindy Turns Five.
  • The song has an 8-bit remix featured in the web-game, Mission Earth.
  • A composition of this plays in the background in some of Mindy's scenes, like in Treehouse Observatory and How Come the Moon Has Craters?, serving as her leitmotif.
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