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Neptune Kind of Day is a song sung in Sean's Neptune Tune in order to ease Sean's anxieties about going to Neptune.


It’s a Neptune kind of day
A Neptune kind of day
There’s a crazy wind a-blowin’
And the way that things are goin’
It feels like it could carry us away
The wind is whistling like a whip
Let’s take a solar system trip
When it’s blowin’ this way
There’s just one thing to say
It’s a Neptune kind of day!

Jet, Sean, and Sydney:
Yeah, the wind is really rippin’
So it’s time to go space trippin’
It’s a Neptune kind of day!

Got a Neptune song to sing
Of 50 moons and icy rings

Jet, to get the rings precisely
You could mention that they’re icy
But it’s really more they’re dusty
That’s the thing
And if we’re gonna sing a song
Let’s not get our figures wrong
Neptune’s moons are truly nifty
But the total isn’t 50
There were only 14 moons there all along

Oh, Neptune
Such a lovely blue
From all that hydrogen and the helium too

But don’t refrain from mentioning methane
That’s why Neptune looks so blue to you

It’s a Neptune kind of day
Such a crazy thing to say

But overdrive that’s interstellar
It’s a really fast propellor

Now we’re 2.7 billion miles away!
We really can’t deny
We simply had to fly
And though it’s windy here
We’d really like to stay
‘Cause it’s a Neptune kind of day!


  • Celery has a spoken line in this song.
  • Sydney does not have any solo lines in this song.
  • At 2 minutes and 8 seconds, this is the longest song in Ready Jet Go!.
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