Season 2 is the second season of the PBS Kids series, Ready Jet Go!. The season premiered on August 14, 2017.


In Season 2, the show will dive into basic physics and Earth science concepts, such as simple machines, electromagnetism, weather and states of matter. Jet and his gang will build a Rube Goldberg machine, reverse-engineer a shrink ray and experience all four seasons in a single day. They'll also dabble in comparative planetology, investigating questions like these: What differentiates the planets in our solar system? What ingredients does a planet need to support life? What makes Earth so unique anyway?

Jet and his friends will continue to explore and investigate Space using the Science and Engineering Practices, but will engage in more backyard science with a greater focus on Earth Science and Engineering.-PBS Learning Media.


This season opens with the cast visiting the Propulsions' homeworld, Bortron 7. This season, the characters get into more wacky situations, such as accidentally shrinking themselves to the size of mice. In this season, Mindy finally turns five years old, and is now allowed to go to space with the older kids.


Returning Characters

New Characters


  1. Is Your Planet Like My Planet?
  2. Takeoff! (extended)
  3. There's No Planet Like My Planet
  4. Bortron Solar System Song
  5. That's How We Roll On Bortron 7
  6. Three-Part Bortronian Meal (extended)
  7. Just Add Water
  8. There's No Planet Like My Planet (reprise)
  9. Space Racin'
  10. Ice Skating in July
  11. I'm Finally Five!
  12. The Outer Planets Song
  13. Grow, Plant, Grow!
  14. Potatoes On Mars (Song)
  15. Get Growin'
  16. Potato Changes
  17. Potatoes On Mars (Song) (reprise)
  18. Heliocentric Ditty
  19. I'm Not Afraid of New Ideas (Galileo version)
  20. I'm Not Afraid of New Ideas (reprise)
  21. Total Eclipse of the Sun
  22. The Engineering Song


No. Episode Title Date Premiered Prod. Code
0. Back to Bortron 7 8/14/2017 0
1. Souped-Up Saucer / Pet Sounds 6/13/2018 201
2. I Feel the Earth Move / Zerk Visits Earth 6/20/2018 202
3. Asteroid Belt Space Race / Sydney 2 6/27/2018 203
4. Endless Summer / Jet Shrinks the Kids 4/3/2018 204
5. Earth, Wind, and Flyer / Mini-Golf At The DSA 7/4/2018 205
6. Water, Water Everywhere / Commander Cressida Story Contest 7/11/2018 206
7. Mindy's Ice Rink / Measure for Measure 4/4/2018 207
8. Mindy Turns Five 4/2/2018 208
9. That's One Gigantic Pumpkin, Jet Propulsion! 10/15/2018 209
10. Try and Try AgainRacing on Sunshine 7/18/2018 210
11. Potatoes on Mars / Bortron Leprechaun 3/11/2019 211
12. Who Messed Up the Treehouse? / Fact or Fiction? 4/15/2019 212
13. Mindy and Carrot Bake / Commander Cressida Begins 4/5/2018 213
14. Mindy's Bedtime / Galileo, Galileo! 4/6/2018 214
15. My Three Suns / Magnet, PI 4/17/2019 215
16. Sunspot's Sunspot / Our Sun is a Star! 4/18/2019 216
17. You Can Call Me Albedo / The Tide is High 7/25/2018 217
18. Freebird / Sean's Robotic Arm 12/3/2018 218
19. Astronaut Ellen Ochoa 3/8/2019 219
20. Eye in the Sky / Total Eclipse Block Party 6/6/2018 220
21. Moon Circus / Everyday is Earth Day 4/16/2019 221
22. Mars Rock For Mom / Sean Has a Cold 5/6/2019 222
23. Ain't No Mars Mountain High Enough / Treasure Hunt 12/4/2018 223
24. Moon Face / Lone Star 2 - Rocket Kids! 12/5/2018 224


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  • A large chunk of the episodes for this season were revealed in a behind-the-scenes article on
  • Technically, Back to Bortron 7 is the season 2 premiere, although it is not listed as #201 on official PBS websites.
  • This season continues season 1's trend of airing episodes out of production order. Back to Bortron 7 premiered when season 1 was still airing new episodes, and the episodes that followed were episodes 8, 4, 7, 13, and 14 (in that order).
  • Zerk is introduced on-screen in this season, after just being heard in some episodes of season 1.
    • Carrot and Celery's Bortron boss was also introduced on-screen, after just being heard in Diggin' Earth.
Credits Comparison

Top: Season 1 Bottom: Season 2

  • In this season's Amy Mainzer segments, Jet introduces them by saying "And now here's my friend, Astronomer Amy Mainzer", with Amy saying "Thanks, Jet". Also, the segments are now filmed before a green screen. The segments end by Jet saying "Thanks, Amy! You can make your own science discoveries with Ready Jet Go! games, on the PBS Kids Games App. Start playing today!"
  • In the end credits, the doodles that appear are different than the ones in season 1.
  • On February 22, 2018, a trailer for the season was released.
  • Mindy's Bedtime and Galileo, Galileo! were originally paired with Magnet, P.I. and Our Sun is a Star! respectively, but they ended up getting paired with each other.
  • Some stations like UNC-TV, WTVI PBS Charlotte, and WUCF accidentally aired episode 7 instead of episode 8 on April 2, 2018.
  • WTVI PBS Charlotte accidentally aired Water, Water Everywhere and Commander Cressida Story Contest on April 4, 2018.
  • The season was greenlit by PBS on August 17, 2016, and started production that same month. Production ended sometime around December 2017.
  • When the season was greenlit, it was originally slated to premiere in late 2017, but ended up officially premiering in April 2018.
  • In this season, Sydney and Mitchell get new voice actors: Vienna Leacock and David Raynolds, respectively. Starting with You Can Call Me Albedo, Sean is voiced by Grady Ainscough.
  • In Ireland, Racing on Sunshine is called Kid-Kart Derby 2, making it the first episode to have an alternate title in another country.
  • Bortron Leprechaun was going to be called Chasing Rainbows, but then it got renamed.
  • My Three Suns was originally going to be paired with Sunspot's Sunspot, but then it got paired with Magnet P.I. instead.
  • You Can Call Me Albedo was originally named Call Me Albedo.
  • Ellen Ochoa, the current director of the Johnson Space Center, guest stars in the two-parter Astronaut Ellen Ochoa!, making her the show's first guest star and the first real-life person to make a physical appearance in an episode.
  • Moon Circus features a flashback scene to the season 1 episode, What Goes Up...
  • The brown squirrel that made reoccurring appearances in season 1 is finally given a name: Floyd.
  • The aired episode of the season, Mindy Turns Five, was included in the show's sixth volume along with the last 5 aired episodes of season 1. 
  • That's One Gigantic Pumpkin, Jet Propulsion!, as well as the rest of the episodes from the season 2 premiere week, are included in the show's seventh volume.
  • The last 2 episodes of the July 2018 episodes, and all of the June 2018 episodes except "Asteroid Belt Space Race / Sydney 2", are available in the show's eighth volume.
  • Like season 1, this season has 3 two-part episodes.
  • "Sunspot's Sunspot / Our Sun Is A Star!", "Asteroid Belt Space Race / Sydney 2", "Astronaut Ellen Ochoa", "Potatoes On Mars / Bortron Leprechaun", and "Mars Rock For Mom / Sean Has A Cold" are available in the show's ninth volume.
  • "Earth, Wind, and Flyer/Mini-Golf at the DSA", "Water, Water Everywhere/Commander Cressida Story Contest",  "Freebird/Sean's Robotic Arm", "Ain't No Mars Mountain High Enough/Treasure Map", "Moon Face/Lone Star 2 - Rocket Kids!", and "My Three Suns/Magnet P.I." are available in the show's tenth volume.
  • It's possible that One Small Step could be part of season 2, as the doodles in the credits of the special are the same as those in various season 2 episodes.
  • Like with season 1, Jet and Sunspot are the only characters to appear in every episode.
  • This is the final season of the series, as the show got canceled.


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