Carrot: You ever get the feeling there's something he's not telling us?

Jet: All the time, dad, all the time.

— Jet and Carrot talking about Sunspot in The Grandest Canyon

Sunspot is Jet's alien pet and a major character in Ready Jet Go!.


Sunspot is a Bortronian pet, a kind of cross between a dog, cat, rabbit, and raccoon. While he can't speak at all, he likes to imitate the sounds of various other animals. He’s usually way ahead of what the kids are doing, thinking, or realizing. He is good at everything.


Sunspot is a Bortronian pet alien with bead-like brown eyes and orange fur. He has a long tail that resembles that of a raccoon's. It has brown stripes. Sunspot has long bunny-like ears that are brown on the inside. He has a white splotch on his belly that resembles a sun.



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