A kid's place is exploring space!
— Sydney Skelley

Sydney Skelley is a main character and one of Jet's best friends in Ready Jet Go!.


Sydney is the “sci-fi kid.” She loves sci-fi stories – any kind of story, in fact- but especially a multi-platform series, “Commander Cressida,” about a fearless female spaceship captain.

Sydney is all about using her imagination. She represents the power of imagination in science – the person who asks “what if?”. She knows that science-fiction ideas have inspired many technological innovations and advances and that scientists are as inspired by what they saw on Star Trek as anything in a scientific journal.

Sydney is shown to have great mechanic skills. With some help, she built her own robot in the episode Sydney 2, and she fixed Jet's super saucer in the movie, One Small Step.


Sydney is a young girl with brown skin. She has black hair in a bun, held by a yellow hair tie. She wears a grey t-shirt with a white-with-black-stripes undershirt. Her leggings are usually black, but can sometimes appear to be grey. She wears brown boots.


Not much is known about Sydney's past, but in Satellite Selfieshe mentions that her house used to painted pink before it got painted white. This happened sometime before Jet moved to the neighborhood.

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  • Her last name, Skelley, is Gaelic for "storyteller", which relates to how Sydney loves telling stories.
  • Sydney loves ratatouille, which her mom makes.
  • She knows how to play the piano as shown in Potatoes on Mars.
  • She has her very own PBS Kids Spotlight segment.


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