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The Spirit of Christmas is the fourth and final song featured in Holidays in Boxwood Terrace. It is sung by all the kids.


Everyone's seeking the Spirit of Christmas
Everyone wants to belong
Everyone's dreaming
Of finding some meaning
In a present, a card, or a song
Oh, it's elusive
The spirit of Christmas
Somehow, it just seems to hide
But I know a secret
One way to find it
Is to welcome somebody inside

Don't you know someone who's out in the cold?
Feeling the bite of the wind?
Away from their home
Maybe waiting alone
For someone to welcome them in
A Yuletide smile is the best kind of present
Bright as the brightest star known
Put a smile in your heart
Wear a holiday grin
The Spirit of Christmas will tiptoe in

Throw open your arms to a friend and see
How easy to find
The Spirit, the Spirit

The Spirit of Christmas will be


  • The song was originally going to be performed by Sean, but he got nervous at the last minute and Mitchell replaced him.
  • This is the last song of Season 1.
  • This is the first song that Mitchell sings, not counting the camping song in Earth Camping which didn't really count as a song. This is also the only song that he sings.
  • Mr. Peterson cried during this song.
  • Mitchell's singing voice is performed by Meg Roe in this song as opposed to Spencer Drever.
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